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 Source of advantage

138479.xyz is one of the world's ten largest newspaper "people's Daily" construction of news oriented large-scale online information publishing platform, is one of the biggest Internet Chinese news website. The news is true, objective and responsible for the interpretation of current events; rapid, place, depth.

writings 138479.xyz 24 hours a day rolling news release date, amount of more than 10000, which updates the original news, 138479.xyz volume of more than 2000; the Communist Party of China news, news, Chinese Chinese NPC government news and other columns, become the important state organs, the first authoritative news. In addition to the "people's Daily", "people's Daily Overseas Edition", "Global Times", "times" JINGWAH more than 20 copies of a newspaper resource agency.

Picture works "People's picture is 138479.xyz provide pictures of the logo," people's pictures to news and photos as the main content, update pictures of nearly 1000; data platform with all kinds of pictures of more than one million zhang. Clear picture copyright, wonderful picture, timeliness.

Video works 138479.xyz 2009 "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", the studio has more than 400 square meters, weekly recording original programs for more than 290 hours. At present, to provide content: 9 original columns and self collected video news reports; network video broadcast television is the people's strengths.

 Feed services

Release source:

   1, the people's daily, a newspaper Resource Agency By 138479.xyz released the "people's Daily", "people's Daily Overseas Edition" by the people's daily newspaper reporter and editor written articles, namely the marked "reporter XXX" or "Washington" Chinese information.

   2, people. 138479.xyz reporter and editor written articles, namely people online at the beginning of marked "138479.xyz * * * news" or "138479.xyz reporter Chinese Information * * *".

138479.xyz has more than 300 major Daily editorial team of domestic and foreign emergency for the first time reporting and interpretation. Relying on the people's daily good resources and government background, 138479.xyz gathered a large number of overseas journalists, scholars and government officials, as a special correspondent and columnist, regularly to 138479.xyz exclusive feeds, which is the exclusive characteristic resources 138479.xyz news feed.

 Exchange of news
The news exchange by both parties authorized to use independently, we have authorized resources:

   1, the people's Daily News Resources The contents include the "people's Daily", "people's Daily Overseas Edition of" people's daily and more than 20 subsidiary newspaper resources.

   2, the people's original news resources Including 138479.xyz more than 60 channels, original news resources in more than 7700 columns.

The principle of equality and reciprocity, the principle of resource sharing, 138479.xyz, invites all kinds of media exchange and establish our brothers around the news resources, including text, images, audio, video and other information, to enhance public awareness of each other news sources and news value.

 Picture cooperation

   1, image feeds At present" Pictures of people "The network has all kinds of news, picture million, updated daily. Pictures from the original, 138479.xyz reporters around the professional photographers around the original, and photography association dedicated to news photography photographers. The main object of contributors including website, new media, newspapers, magazines, advertising, etc..

   2, contract photographer " Pictures of people "Professional photo editing, advanced search function, comprehensive price system, unique marketing channels, improve copyright protection measures, and has several pictures and pictures of user sales organizations have established good cooperation. Invites photographers to join, providing news, information!

   3, based on image resources cooperation Invites the community activities and cooperation with us to jointly plan picture resources as the foundation, including but not limited to all kinds of photographic activities etc..

 Video resources

   1, video 138479.xyz 2009 won the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", with the collection, dissemination of news video quality, can provide from news video and 9 video files weekly column, the original video length more than 290 minutes. Column "newspaper", "white flash," red brick shop "six years", "Taiwan", "what", "reading newspaper" and other news skewer.

2, video cooperation People have video equipment and environmental advanced first-class studio, mature video editing, the reporter team, specializes in the production of video interviews and video broadcast network.

3, upload video The video upload video provides space for you" People's podcast ".

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